Grange Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast Dunfermline

House Frontage


We are restricting our opening to one room only so that guests will not meet any other guests while staying here. The room will be empty for at least one night between bookings. We aim to keep social distancing to 2 metres except when serving breakfast at the table and when taking payment and will wear face coverings when indoors.

Please do not come if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or are self-isolating. If you develop symptoms while staying here we would ask you to return home, book a test and self-isolate according to guidelines.

Welcome and arrival

We will meet guests at our door and try to keep a 2 metre distance asking guests to use the hand sanitiser on the shelf on arrival and on leaving. The stair to the bedroom will be indicated and we will not be able to take luggage in. Although face coverings will be worn we still hope to provide a warm welcome. It will be possible to have tea or coffee with cake served in the conservatory or outside in the patio (weather permitting). Alternatively, facilities for making tea or coffee are available in the bedroom and fresh milk in a small vacuum flask can be obtained for this purpose.


Breakfast will be served in the dining room and will need to be ordered preferably on arrival. The breakfast menu can be seen and sanitised after use. There will no longer be a buffet table in the dining room, so exact choices will be needed and will be brought to the table


A full cleaning of the room and en-suite including all surfaces is done between guests but no cleaning will be done during a stay of more than one night. All bedding including pillow protectors, duvet protectors and mattress protectors are laundered after each guest has left. Pillows and the duvet will be aired between bookings and none will be used within 72 hours of use by a previous guest/s. All items on the hospitality tray and small individual toiletries will be fresh and will not have been made available for any previous guest. Hair dryers will be rotated so that each is out of use for 72 hours.

General Cleaning

All public areas will be cleaned daily using approved sanitisers such as dilute bleach with particular care being taken to clean any surfaces which may have been touched e.g. light switches, door handles and chair arms. Soft furnishings will be sprayed with Dettol spray. All kitchen surfaces will be cleaned frequently and hands washed frequently during preparation and serving of food.

Leaflets and Information

It is recommended that multiple use leaflets should not be used, so any local information about places to eat and visit as well as local maps will need to be found on websites which have links from our own website or by asking us directly.


Payment by card is preferable but use of cheque or cash is possible.

Contact details

We are obliged to take contact details and would ask that you provide us with your mobile telephone number, if possible, and the address and phone number of your next accommodation..